Where we are in our project:

2020-01 we are still working on her.

We have redone some wiring adding a battery monitor and a tank level monitor. We are adding a blower to cool the engine compartment which is adjacent to the master stateroom/bunk. Fans and LED cabin lights are now in place and a lot of cleaning and rearranging have been completed. More new hoses were replaced and a new cranking battery and starter were installed. We now carry a Lithium battery powered jump starter just in case. We have had some 11° weather already so she had to be winterized.

2020-06 we are slowly but surely refurbishing TOUCAN for cruising, as best we can during the COVID-19 pandemic.


2020-05-13 Our mascot arrived today.

2020-05-3 Macerator and potable water pump are hooked up so now hot and cold water plus the mainsail was reinstalled.

2020-04-25 installed old dodger to see what we need in a replacement.



















2020-04-10 Hatch-boards finally refinished.

Hatch boards above with upper board orbital sanded with 80 grit paper to remove as much grayed / weathered teak as possible. These boards have apparently not been refinished since 1999 and some of the teak has weathered away leaving some grain that was too deep to fill.

Hatch boards refinished with the traditional five coats of Captain’s Varnish but even five coats and vigorous sanding between coats could not fill all of the weathered away teak. Vertical boards seemed to last better?

2020-03-28 First short river cruise.


It sure was good to be back out on the water with wife/first mate and our sailboat even if we were using the “Iron Wind”. The engine worked well and we were able to make 5+ mph against the current, as TVA is spilling water to get back to Winter pool level. We still have a lot of refurbishing to do but the Macerator pump has been replaced,  the head rebuilt and some cleaning and varnishing is continuing. She was a saltwater boat, in the Ft. Lauderdale sun so we still have a way to go. Our first sailing cruiser was a new Catalina 25 and it took a year to get STAR FINDER setup the way we wanted her. Hopefully we can get TOUCAN setup faster. There is a lot more to clean and fix on a 29′ x 10′ than there was on a 25′ x 8′.

2020-03-16 Found Coast Guard documentation listing.

2020-03-13 TWRA registration for a documented vessel arrives.

We are continuing vessel cleaning and repairing in preparation for the Summer season.

2020-03-04 Ish Creek, Knoxville, TN

Boat arrives.

2020-03-02 Ft. Lauderdale, FL








Packed and ready for shipment to Knoxville, TN.

2020-01-28 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
















We had TOUCAN hauled at Cable Marine to have marine survey by Paul Sauire of Simex International LLC . Paul is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers  and the American Boat and Yacht Council  as I am and did an excellent job surveying the vessel.