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There are many texts on Offshore navigation such as the free, online The American Practical Navigator (2000-pages) but none on practical river navigation until now, see left. River navigation may be simpler but it is different and requires some study. This website will serve as an index to our free YouTube videos and the book, that is in its final draft (100 pages). The videos are designed for the weekend cruiser to the serious cruiser and the book is designed for the serious cruiser. The book contains detailed sections on:  Terminology, Vessel Handling, Charts Paper, Charts Electronic, Facilities, Time-Speed-Distance, Chart Plotters, Passenger Vessels, River Rules, Locks/Locking, VHF Radio, AIS, Radar, Situational Awareness, Safety/Security, Weather, Route Planning and chartplotter software. Our educational videos will cover simpler versions of most of these subjects and others.

The videos will cover additional material, especially for the recreational cruiser based on over 50 years of river and coastal cruising in the Southeastern United States and the Gulf of Mexico. We will follow the theme made popular by Lin & Larry Perdy  Unfortunately Larry passed away in 2020 from COVID-19. “Go Small, Go Simple, Go Now.” If you wait until you have the perfect boat you will never leave the dock. Other good sources of cursing videos you might like are Sailing BRITICAN,   Project ATTICUS  and  SV DELOS .

Introduction to our “River Navigation” YouTube channel  sailingTOUCAN:

Introduction = https://youtube.be/UQrTS-JELKI

YouTube Video Series/Channel on Marine Education:

1 River Navigation – Boat Selection = https://youtu.be/LupqXIfNClg

2 River Navigation – Boating Education =  https://youtu.be/rCXM0Dwmkqc

3 River Navigation – Boat Ready? =  https://youtu.be/2TFPDx1XfwY

4 OpenCPN/Plotters =  https://youtu.be/skVU97RvMzU

5 River Navigation – Radar = t https://youtu.be/zLxBiFoVtso

6 River Navigation – Charts and ATONS =  https://youtu.be/YXSIYw0eCV8

7 River Navigation – Inland Commercial Vessels =  https://youtu.be/a5vOfmCmKNE

8 River Navigation – Rules of the Road =  https://youtu.be/xzw3xbCiSuA

9 River Navigation – Coast Guard and Safety =  https://youtu.be/SYvNqL2-hF0

10 River Navigation – GPS only navigation-NO =  https://youtu.be/QrnLmKUm9AI

11 River Navigation – Miss River System =  https://youtu.be/eaQ8HvUb-Tw

12 River Navigation – Boat Electrical & Electronic =  https://youtu.be/4g78a4lLUX8

13 River Navigation – Route Planning =  https://youtu.be/_j0cqMcaHu0

14 River Navigation – Tennessee River =  https://youtu.be/Trsmv6voxr8

15 River Navigation – Provisioning =  https://youtu.be/xOiF8cGsM3M

16 River Navigation – Electronics Training =  https://youtu.be/ouqO9e9Hq3k

17 River Navigation – Tenn-Tom Waterway =  https://youtu.be/RhZ_vyvGtmw

18 River Navigation – Destinations =  https://youtu.be/YTcFDXuY4E0

19 River Navigation – Sailboat Sizes =  https://youtu.be/wFjdl7HTv-g

20 River Navigation – Battery Charging =  https://youtu.be/s-wo7OLDRhc

21 Coastal Cruise Planning = https://youtu.be/rqaFwpRgtKI

22 Marine Communications = https://youtu.be/4QAEWlRsf0o

23 Intro to Power Boating = https://youtu.be/KZosC71MvwU

24 Cruising sailboat equipment tips = https://youtu.be/sS4bUJiQutw

25 Sailboat Cruising Course Teaser = https://youtu.be/o3zBGMk0ncA

26 Electrical Troubleshooting = https://youtu.be/i5tXEj_KmFw

27 Intro to Marine GPS Navigation = https://youtu.be/t1GSPF9MlfY

28 Icebox use = https://youtu.be/29GRLE8yG8o

29 Locking Training Exercise = https://youtu.be/CUf_CGvpGW8

30 Modern Navigation App Use = https://youtu.be/f_ah9iXFl_k 

31 Best Navigation Apps = https://youtu.be/xwD9EFkErgo 

32 Modern, Electronic, Coastal ,Route Planning = https://youtu.be/HqQKY_YGw3E

33 Observational Marine weather = under development

34 Onboard Color Matching = under development

35 Captains License Prep = under development

36 River Navigation – Clothing/Toiletries (planned)

37 River Navigation – Offshore Money/Mail (planned)

38 “River Navigation Paper to Plotter” – Book Introduction (planned)

YouTube Video Series/Channel on Sailing & Cruising:

A Our home port, Concord Yacht Club =  https://youtu.be/4wnXXyHrNzk

B What it’s like to be a riverboat captain =  https://youtu.be/XKcYsIrHTrM

C Small boat adventures =  https://youtu.be/Pl2dAYGEof4

D British Virgin Islands Charter = https://youtu.be/CdLQ1NEVoJY

Corps of Engineers Videos:

How to LOCKING THGROUGH = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdbuzJiehm8

Route Planning Template

To request a copy of our River Route Planning Template send email to captfarmer@gmail.com with a subject of Route Planning Template.

Another free source of marine information is the “Ensign”, online magazine subscribe