Recreational Safety Management System (RSMS)

As a result of the disastrous CONCEPTION, dive boat fire (33 killed), the Coasties are now moving the requirement for a formal, documented and periodically tested  Safety Management System (SMS) down to include ALL passenger vessels. While not required, a Recreational Vessel Safety Management System is highly recommended. Such a system should include:

Recreational Vessel Safety Management System (SMS)

1-Discharge of Oil, Garbage, and Response to Pollution, 2-Fire, 3-Flooding and Flood Control, 4-Grounding Procedure, 6-Abandon Ship and Man Overboard Drills, 7-Water Survival Skills and 8-First Aid.

You should review this documented plan periodically with all of your customary crew.

A 7-Page, suggested plan can be downloaded here – Recreational Vessel Safety Management System

You should periodically review such an RSMS with your normal crew and practice especially:  2-Fire procedures, and 6-Abandon ship and man overboard.

1-Garbage management should be documented in the vessel’s Garbage Management Plan and for 8-First Aid you should have a properly sized kit, manual ant training.

A 1-Page Garbage Plan used aboard S/V TOUCEN can be downloaded here – Garbage ManagementPlanTOUCAN