Contacts for us and other information souses:

Captain John Farmer, 8016 Ellisville Ln, Knoxville, TN 37909,, 865-765-3407

Capt Farmer, 100 Ton, Inland Master with Sail, Radar and Assistance Towing endorsements

OUPV Near Coastal Waters, with over 50 years of recreational and 20 years commercial boating /navigating experience.

Member America’s Boating Club ( and  ) and its National Navigation Committee, charged with rewriting all of its advanced marine navigation courses.

America’s Boating Club online courses ( Learn (

Americas Boating Club offers the following courses: Boat Handling, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, Navigation, Cruise Planning, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electrical Systems, Marine Communications Systems, Electronic Navigation, Radar, Sail and Weather plus seminars on: Advanced Powerboat Handling, AIS, Anchoring, Boat Handling Under Power, Rivers Locks & Lakes, Crossing Borders, Emergencies, Fuel, Chart, Hurricane Prep., Knots, Man Overboard, Radar, Compass, Rules of the Road, Paddle, Partner in Command, Propane Systems, Sail Trim, Trailering, Using GPS, VHF/DSC at your local Club see (Join ( See ( ) for free online videos on Nav Rules, Life Jackets, Boating Safety, Basic Skills, PWC ops., Accident Reporting, plus, with approximately one new video coming each week. See our video “EDUCATION” course descriptions.

CG Broadcast Notice to Mariners (MORE UP TO DATE INFORMATION) Announcement on VHF 16 then transfer to VHF 22A for broadcast (Broadcast Notice to Mariners | Navigation Center ( .

CG Local Notice to Mariners ( ).

CG National Maritime Center / Licensing ( ) Forms, Checklists, Medical Certificates, Fees, Drug Testing.  100 Ton Master Inland Checklist

CG PSIX documented vessel search ( ).

CG Vessel Documentation Center NVDC ( ).


Navigation, The American Practical Navigator      (   )


NOAA Coastal Electronic chart locator ( ).

NOAA Coastal Raster Paper Charts are being phased out.

NOAA Coastal Custom Paper Charts ( ). Note: The new charts are based on electronic charts and have a very different foremat than the traditional paper charts.


USACE Inland Paper Charts ( ).

USACE Inland Electronic Charts ( IENC) ( ).

USACE Lock and Dam Information    (  )


Weather forecasts  ( )   and    (  )   and marine VHF radio w/warnings